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"Schoepp and Evans hope to inspire all children—especially young girls—to be fearless and adaptable, and to never stop exploring the world around them." – Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA), article here

"This book is interesting because it's about robots and how they are different than real things, like people and animals... I really like the pictures in the book. There are lots of bright colors on the pages, and Dot's hair is cool to look at - it's big and different colors! I want hair like that... I think that kids of any age will like to read or listen to this book." – Lydia (age 6), Reader Views Kids, full review here

"If: Ball Then: Catch" is an informative book about robots that would be great for students in a robot club or those merely interested... I like that it is largely about problem-solving, working for what you want, and deciding what is most important to you... Overall, this is a great book to read.” – Mom, Reader Views Kids, full review here

"I highly recommend If Ball, then Catch! It is creative, whimsical, accessible STEM learning and beautifully illustrated!" – Maria, posted on the Indigo website here

"The large print easy-to-follow sentences and accompanying bright illustrations on each page all seem so familiar... This kind of book will also play a role in demystifying what is programming." – Planetjon, code scientist, full article here

Recommended in the following gift guides: Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA) and The Canadian Association for Girls In Science (CAGIS)